How awesome would a backyard barbecue be if you had it lit to the nines, built a stage, served amazing food, had a band rocking til the early hours of the morning – oh, and had a surprise wedding somewhere in between?

That’s the great idea clients of ours had and that’s exactly what they did this past weekend. We love those kind of “Why not?” moments and definitely get excited when people celebrate like they mean it!

We can only take credit for the wedding lights but hope it helped make the atmosphere just a little more special. Here we created a moonlit effect using seven warm white light spheres in the large evergreen. We were really happy with the amount of light given off lighting the surrounding branches in the tree itself. They had a beautiful deck so we added patio lights around the perimeter of the fence. Finally, we installed warm white lights on the medium-sized deciduous tree, which was behind the stage.

All the best to the happy couple!