Lindenwoods house with sign

Installing Christmas lights for our clients last week was like a breath of warm, 18-degree Celsius, fresh, Winnipeg air. I like putting up lights anytime during the season (I’m apparently a little odd) but it’s a special treat in October.

But it’s not just good for myself and the crews – it’s a win-win for our clients as well. Here are a few of the reasons:

Jon Tree Bucket Truck Summer

1. Safety

Ice is slippery. Snow hides things. Roads don’t work as good in winter. Even in an environment of ice and snow, our crews can rest assured that they have the right tools, materials, and, usually, beards for the job. But in the warmer October weather they still have all those things plus few, if any, impediments in their environment. Work can be done more comfortably, with fewer distractions, and more daylight. It’s certainly preferred.

2. Quality

Quality is always #1 for our company when it comes to Christmas lights or anything else. That said, we like to go the extra mile often on jobs and a wise man once said that a happy worker does good work… or something like that. It’s why whenever I hire workers for my house, I buy the Tim’s. Installing in sweater weather is even better than a double-double for a Christmas light installer.

3. Lower Prices

Because of the two points above, we have started offering discounts to our clients for booking early and getting their lights installed before October 21st. A 10% discount on labor usually means between $20 and $50 off, which we feel is a respectable discount. Good for us, good for you. Additionaly, I’ve looked back over the years at my Christmas estimates (and I’ve given quite a few of them…) and I have the tendency to quote a little lower in general in September/October compared to when our schedule is nearly full and I start to get stressed out in November 🙂

 4. Guaranteed Scheduling

We always fill up our prime install weeks. I think it’s best to get your lights installed properly and early and be ahead of the game. Somehow people seem less enthused about installing lights in mid-December….


The drawbacks? I really can’t see any. Most of our clients get their lights installed early and just wait to turn them on when they are ready. By installing in October you get the best possible job at the best possible price, too. An all-around good idea.