West Broadway is a wonderful neighborhood in Winnipeg, MB.  It has cool shops, a down-to-earth vibe, a great sense of community – and it can now add elegant, one-of-a-kind tree lights to its repertoire.

When we learned that the West Broadway BIZ had a vision to create a white lights project we simply had to be involved. Light projects in public spaces can transform an area and generate goodwill and excitement, which we love. The question was: what kind of lights best fit the personality of the neighborhood?

After looking at a few options (some of which are at our gallery page on our new website), they decided on a sphere with a natural, refined look which we had designed and built locally. Don’t believe me? We have proof! That’s none other than company owner Terrell instructing the team.


Following the design process and after taking our lumps in the design and build portions of the project – believe me there were lumps, like where the heck do you store 220 giant spheres – the installation went smoothly. Everybody was impressed with the finished look of the project.


The BIZ ended up ordering over 220 of the decorations of varying sizes – enough to create a unified theme along 8 blocks, in front of many businesses. Decorations typically numbered between 5 and 9 per tree, depending on the size of the tree.  Several “showcase” trees were chosen at specifically chosen locations and had 13 to 15 decorations, such as the one below, at one of the entrances to the neighborhood.


We are grateful to the West Broadway BIZ for the opportunity to work with them in this project. Certainly can’t wait to add to it in the Spring!

Aaaand finally, as promised in the title: an amazing video about the project put together by the West Broadway BIZ!