The first snow of the season reminded me of a snowy day last year when your favorite local Christmas light installers somehow were allowed on TV. The fine people at 92.1 Citi FM saw fit to come out and get some footage of us installing Christmas lights on a home on Deepwater Cove in the Maples area. If you don’t believe the screen shot above (sorry Jets fans, btw) just watch the video below. It’s true…. I’m the guy staying warm in the brown parka and blue hat.

As far as the nuts and bolts go, we installed C9 pure white LEDs on the full perimeter of the home, plus matching but smaller C6 pure white LEDs on their large deciduous tree in the front. We used white wire to keep the sockets on the house as discrete as possible.  It looks very bright and nice at night and the homeowner was very happy with the installation. If you’re ever interested in something like this you know who to call.

So anyways, hopefully I sounded like I know what I’m talking about! Lots of fun and thanks again to Mark and the crew at 92.1 Citi.