Barge Fest 2014

What on earth does Lights Unlimited have in common with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, JUNO Award-winning musicians Chic Gamine, and a denim-wearing, bearded men’s choir?

We were all at Prairie Barge Festival 2014 – as were many of you.

Barge Fest is a fantastic cultural event held each year in Winnipeg at The Forks with the WSO and many other musicians performing literally on the Assiniboine river by means of a giant floating wooden barge. It’s a great event and I highly recommend checking it out next year.

If you checked it out this year, you may have noticed our outdoor light spheres setting the mood. We installed 14 light spheres among a cluster of Poplar trees above a public sitting area for the concert, stage right from the performance area. Varying sizes of spheres was best we felt so we chose spheres between 10″ and 24″ in diameter. Warm white lights were used to best fit with the star and moon feel of the natural setting. The final look was very nice and may become a regular feature at The Forks.

One thing we decided to do a little differently was suspend the spheres from ultra-thin aluminum wire which we string from tree to tree. This was to create the effect of the spheres floating in mid air and not necessarily tied to a tree. This will be an option we keep in mind for future outdoor events or weddings.

The only change I would make on this one is to add just a few more spheres. Hopefully can do more of these.