Maybe you have seen our work at the Zoo Lights Festival or at The Forks/ River Trail. Perhaps you have even seen us working in your neighborhood or even on your own house? If so, you have most likely asked yourself, “How does Lights Unlimited uphold such an outstanding quality of work season after season, light after painstaking light?” Well, not only do we have some of the most qualified and experienced employees in the business, but some of our credit is due to the equipment we use.

After years of trial, error, and experimentation, we have found the perfect tools uniquely designed for Christmas light installation.
Here are some of our secrets…

Tree Polls

Spot the Tree Poll being used not on a tree

Specially designed to set lights on the very top of any variety of tree, Tree Polls help us reach roughly 25 feet into the air! These polls work like Russian nesting dolls, where each extension of the poll can slide out of each other to offer easy collapsibility, storage, and as much reach as possible. The end of the poll features a Y-shaped tip to help guide the light strand from branch-to-branch.
Since no job is out of the question, where there is a tree that is, in fact, too large for the Tree Polls, we bring out the heavy guns.

Bucket Truck

Bucket Truck hanging lights like you’ve never seen before

Possibly getting mistaken for Manitoba Hydro workers, our Bucket Truck crew is a highly specialized and certified team that soars through the air delicately placing lights on the tallest of trees and most challenging to reach peaks of houses. With safety being paramount, the Bucket Truck crew dawns the highest quality hard-hats and safety harnesses to bring the brightest of lights to your world.


Gutter Clips in Action

With everything from Gutter clips to soffit clips and permanent installation clips, this secret weapon is what keeps your Christmas lights immovable and steadfast while on your roofline. Being a small Winnipeg based business ourselves, we order our clips by the tens-of-thousands from a local Winnipeg-owned company. Through the most torrential of storms, the specialized clips we use will help keep your lights pointing plum to the ground.

At Lights Unlimited, we are relentless in our pursuit to find new techniques and tools to produce the highest quality of work imaginable.
With cutting edge technology at our tool belt and the most skilled laborers in the business, Lights Unlimited will be lighting up your world for a long time to come.