In an effort to keep our community and our staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic we have implemented the following additional procedures as of November 12th, 2020:

  • One person, One vehicle policy. Until further notice, each employee will drive their own vehicle to and between job sites. The only exception to this is two of our workers who are roommates. Employee vehicle use is reimbursed beyond what is required by law.
  • Curbside pickup at our shop. Our shop is now arranged for curbside pickup and dropoff only for our crews. One crew person picks up the lights, the other meets at the job sites.
  • This is in addition to our previous policies we have been operating under for months:

  • Mandatory masks in all indoor environments
  • Mandatory physical distancing in all environments
  • Reduced shop capacity to a maximum of 3 in our 1260sqf shop, with constant ventilation
  • Staggered crew start times
  • Know that we take this very seriously. All employees are aware of the provincial health guidelines and have signed contracts pledging to adhere to them.