One of the most massive detriments to a poorly installed Christmas lights display is the misuse of string lights. 

As one of the most diverse lights on the market, string lights are used for everything from trees, lamp posts, bushes, custom-built lanterns, and sometimes roof lines. 

While their different applications may make them seem like a fool-proof choice for lighting displays, choosing the proper type of string lights will make or break the display. 

The most common string lights on the market are C6, G12 and 5mm


A strand of C6 Multi-Colored lights

Perhaps the most common light string style, these bulbs are a smaller take on the classic C9 Christmas lights. The cone-shaped C6 lights lend themselves to any use. Commonly used on foliage, these lights will elevate to unique contours of any tree. Whether it be deciduous, evergreen or a small bush, C6 lights are the go-to for outdoor lighting needs. 


A strand of G12 Warm-White lights

A similar to C6 lights, G12 lights are commonly used for outdoor trees and other foliage. However, these lights are also popular for outdoor event displays due to their globe-shaped bulb that casts a soft and delicate hue. A despite the difference in the bulb shape, often G12 and C6 lights are used interchangeably. 


5mm Warm White lights

An incredibly popular option for string lights, 5mm lights are a staple to any beautiful lighting display. Commonly used as the go-to style for trunk wraps, these lights are attention grabbers as they wonderfully outline any tree’s complex and unique aspects. One fantastic way to spice up your display would be to utilize the twinkling option available with 5mm lights.

All of these styles come in a variety of colours of bulb and wire. Whatever choice you make, be assured that we have you covered. There is no limit when you work with Lights Unlimited!