The best way to get that professional, clean look on your home is to use the right materials. The good news is that the most attractive looking lights are also the most durable and, over the long run, most cost-effective.

Socket Wire

At Lights Unlimited, we start with socket wire that is both durable and fully customizable to your home’s unique rooflines. We use SPT-2 wire, which is rated for Canada’s winters, and won’t fail on Christmas Eve when your family is over for dinner!
If you have ever installed retail lights on your home, you may have experienced hanging all the lights up, only to have a large section of the lights go out inexplicably. This dreadful event won’t happen with Lights Unlimited! We use the same tried and true two-wire socket wire that won’t let you down and keep the lights burning all through the night. With an LED retrofit bulb, it’s practically maintenance proof even in our climate. Our standard socket wire is the classic dark green, but other colors, such as brown and black, can be available upon request.


The most exciting aspect of Christmas lights is also the most important. Using the right bulbs is also a must – and we have you covered. We have a host of colors available: Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, and Turquoise. Because we use a retrofit system, it means we build our lights by hand, and you can have any custom pattern you want! It even means that you can change the bulb colors in a future year while keeping your existing custom socket wire and clips. It can be a fun way to change your house display for a reasonable cost down the road.

Classic C9 LEDs

Our standard bulb for houses is the C9 LED. This bulb is the classic conical or “pine cone” Christmas bulb shape. It is much brighter than retail-purchased lights as it has 5 LEDs in each bulb, which gives the light a more vibrant appearance. It also means that the lights don’t have that flicker, which many have observed with other LEDs. C9 LEDs use less than one watt and, as such, are very energy efficient. Recent industry innovation and upgrades to C9 SMDs allow them to look the same while using less than 0.6 watts per bulb! Just one more reason to be proud of your Christmas light display.

Gorgeous G30 Warm White bulbs on display

The other option for your house is called the G30 bulb. This bulb is for those who want a little extra brightness in their display—shaped like a 1″ sphere that acts as a magnifier for the 5 LEDs inside the bulb. The cost is a little bit more, but these are quite popular due to their clean appearance and classy look. G30 LEDs also come in the same color options as our C9 LEDs.

Using quality bulbs and socket wire, your Christmas lights will be an excellent investment with a look you will be proud of. By taking proper care by taking lights down for storage for Spring and Summer, these lights are the best option for you and your home.